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Staten Island, NY 10314
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Electricity Services For Massachusetts Customers

As a Harborside Energy customer, you have 2 programs to choose from for
your energy supply.  All programs have no sign up fees and no monthly
minimum charges.

Variable Rate Program

With a variable rate program, the price you pay per unit will change monthly
based on the market value of the product.  Typically the cost per unit is higher
in the months that consumption is the highest.  There are no cancellation fees
with this program.  For information on the current months variable price,
contact us and speak to one of our customer service agents.

Fixed Rate Program

With a fixed rate program, you have the option to lock in a set price for a one
year period.  When choosing the Fixed Rate Program, you are guaranteed to
pay one set price per unit for one year.  At the end of the one year term, you
will again have the choice of whether you want to renew the fixed rate program
or change to a variable rate.  The fixed rate program has an early termination
fee of $10 per month remaining on the contract.  
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